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Business Model Transformation is a methodology developed to reinvent a practice from the bottom-up.

Business Model Transformation

Our Business Model Transformation is a detailed global view of a practice or enterprise that realizes the healthcare landscape is evolving towards a value driven system and seeks to effectively re-invent or re-engineer its entire practice.

The transformation is therefore a blend of EHR Optimization, process re-engineering, role restructuring, developing detailed process metrics, participant involvement (i.e., quality improvement), and training to significantly enhance the patient experience, the provider work environment, and cost effectiveness. (See Clinical Delivery Process illustration.)

The expected result of the transformation process is to make the practice not only more efficient—with a team working toward patient centric metrics—but also integrating aspects of what the “Physician Office of the Future” may look like.

Achievement of these goals will:

Additionally, our Business Model Transformation follows the industry best standards for process improvements in all aspects of a physician practice, blending in cultural and local values so as not to lose the “identity” of the practice.

Business Model Transformation is well suited for practices or physician divisions that need a fundamental change to their culture, in addition to operations improvement.

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